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Wooden Sash Windows: What You Should Know

A sash window is a type of window that’s comprised of movable panels or sashes. If you need help distinguishing a sash window, look for a frame holding several panes of glass together. Sometimes the panes are separated by narrow muntins.

Many types of sash windows exist. Some have panels that open to the outdoors while others slide vertically or horizontally, depending on the design. Sliding sash windows may also go by the name of Yorkshire light, sash and case, or a sliding sash window.

One of the most popular types of sash windows is the American-style sash window, which is traditional in many areas. The American-style is made of two sashes that cross over each other within a frame. You can move it either up or down. What makes these windows so popular is that you can actually remove the sashes when you wish to clean them. Another thing that makes them popular is the array of colors, styles, shapes, and models that they come in, making them very popular from a customization perspective.

The very first sash windows on record were installed in England, way back in the 1670s. The Ham House is perhaps the most well-known house to have sash windows. Although there is no conclusive evidence to prove it, credit for the design of the sash window often goes to designer Robert Hooke.

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Victorian and Georgian homes make the most use out of sash windows. The classic sash window has two panes up and three across, creating the six-by-six look. However, this is merely the basic model, and many different kinds exist today depending on your tastes. They are highly customizable, making them popular still even today.

Sash windows are functional because of a panel that is balanced by a counter-weight. Usually these weights are a heavy steel that is concealed inside the frame of the window.

Single glazed glass and soft woods are the usual components of a sash window, although double glazed glass is becoming more popular these days, especially in residential neighborhoods and cities. Because soft wood often rots, distorts, and swells over time, the window should often be checked for repairs.

One major drawback to sash windows is that they are prone to more problems, due to the rolling function. Although most people put up with them because of how lovely they look, one should not overlook the amount of maintenance that goes into preserving a sash window.

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Besides their appearance, sash windows do have one major draw to them that makes the maintenance worth it to many homeowners. They are great for keeping houses cool during warm weather. The reason for this is simple physics. Sash windows open from the bottom and top, and since hot air rises, it can escape out the top part of the window while cool, low air comes in through the bottom.

uPVC sash windows are the latest trend in the sash window industry. These windows are just as beautiful as their predecessors, but make up for their shortcomings such as their energy inefficiency. They also need lees maintenance overall.

Like anything else, you must be cautious when dealing with window manufacturers. Always get quotes and samples before deciding on a particular company to make your windows. A good manufacturer will offer many styles and configurations. That way you can get the exact type of sash window you need for your home.

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