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Whether you’re considering replacing your old sash windows or installing brand-new ones in your home, it’s important to get a reliable quote. The cost of a sash window installation depends on a few factors, including the type of window and company you choose to install it. However, you can get a good idea of the price range by comparing quotes from different companies. Simply fill out our quote form and you’ll be provided with free quotes from local suppliers in your area.

To get a precise measurement of the new sash window, it’s necessary to understand the dimensions of your old windows. The outside height of the sash box is typically 100mm, while the height is usually about sixty-five centimetres. The sash box’s depth should match the depth of the recess, so that it fits flush against the inside wall. The depth of the sash reveal is generally between 145 and 150mm in period properties.

Some common repairs to sash windows include replacing rotted timber and frayed cords. While these windows are not considered “modern” yet, they are often easier to repair than their modern counterparts. Rot is most common in the bottom and window sills, but they can be repaired by using angle brackets. Make sure the brackets are made of brass or stainless steel. Lastly, the windows should be well-insulated to minimize the risk of a draft or injury.

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A traditional sash window has two movable sashes that slide in grooves in the frame. Traditionally, they were counterbalanced by lead weights drawn by cords. But today, contemporary versions are balanced with multiple strings. Unlike their historical counterparts, sash windows can be opened in either direction, or at the top and bottom. Unlike old-fashioned windows, sliding sash windows are easy to open and stay in position, with no need for a ladder.

Sash windows are renowned for their visually striking appearance. Their multiple rows of matching glass panes are held in place by the bars inside the sash. These windows sit in box frames set back behind the external masonry. Their origins are attributed to Great Britain in the seventeenth century. They are ideal for large traditional-style houses. However, with constant innovation, sash windows have evolved to incorporate several options for decorating and updating.

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A traditional sash window will likely have a box sash design. This style of window is large and chunky and is used in larger windows. However, smaller windows can be made from timber boxes as well. Timber box sash windows can become difficult to open and close if their sash cords become worn out. Many new windows use spiral balances with springs that give them a simple mechanism that mimics the old-style sash window design.

A traditional sash window can be restored, waterproofed, or replaced with a modern design. If the original window sash has been damaged, you can buy an authentic replacement window. The sliding panes of a sash window are perfect for ventilation. In summer, a cooling convection flow is created between the sliding sashes. If you’re worried about the weather in your home, consider restoring your original sash windows instead of installing a replacement.

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