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For those of you who don’t know about it, a sash window is a kind of window comprised of movable sashes or panels. One way to identify a sash window is that there is a frame holding together multiple glass panes. Quite often narrow muntins separate the panes.

There are several different kinds of sash window. Sometimes the panels of glass slide up and down or side-to-side. Other sash windows have panels that open outward. The sliding sash windows sometimes are referred to as sliding sash, case, sash or Yorkshire light windows.


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The American-style sash window is a traditional variation that has two sashes, one of which rests on top of the other within a frame. You can operate the window by sliding it down or up. One major benefit of this window is that the sashes can be tilted or removed for easy cleaning. There are many different configurations, models and shapes to choose from within this class of sash window.

Sash windows were first used in England during the 1670s. “Ham House” is a famous example of a property with sash windows. Robert Hooke is credited with creating the sash window, although there isn’t any conclusive evidence that proves this.

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Victorian and Georgian style homes usually feature sash windows. There are two panes up and three panes across in classic sash windows, providing homeowners with six-over-six panel windows. The standard size of sash windows is four feet wide; however, wooden sash can fit almost any size and there is no fixed rule.

In order for sash windows to function, there is panel that is balanced through using a counter-weight made of heavy steel or another material hidden within the window frame.

Usually sash windows are made out of single glazed glass and soft wood, although sometimes double glazed glass is used.

Due to the fact that sash windows need to be able to slide to close and open, they are prone to more problems than other kinds of windows. They require a lot of maintenance as well; however, the extra work involved is worth it since sash windows are very attractive.

Besides being aesthetically pleasing, sash windows are more practical too. They work better in keeping the temperature inside cool during warmer months. The reason for this is that sash windows open at the bottom and top. The room’s warm air is allowed to escape through the top opening, while cool air coming from outdoors is allowed in through the bottom opening.

A new kind of sash window was released recently into the marketplace. They are called uPVC sash windows, and they are attractive like regular sash windows are but are much more energy efficient and don’t require as much as maintenance and painting on a regular basis.

As with anything that you do, you must not employ the very first window company you find. Make sure to get work samples and quotes from thee different companies at least before you make your final decision on which company you want to have install your new windows.

Home Renovations That Will Increase a Property’s Value

double glazing twickenhamWhether you’re planning on moving soon or would like to remain in your home for many years, it’s a good idea to increase its overall value. Adding value to your home has more to do than just increasing your home’s resale value. It’s also important to focus on securing better choices in case of refinancing, or for possessing higher collateral. A home is a person’s greatest investment in time, money and quality of life. It’s vital that owners always view them this way and treat them accordingly!

Putting up cash for home improvement projects is an efficient method for increasing the value of a home. However, not every home improvement project works to increase the value of a home, so it is important to consider which projects are right for your home before undertaking them.

Below are projects that have withstood time for owners who would like to have a higher value for your there, regardless of their location.

Add More Rooms

If you want to witness the value of your home go up overnight, Then, add a bedroom or a bathroom. You may find that two homes may be the same in some ways, but the one that will be worth more is the one with more rooms or bathrooms. Homes with more rooms accommodate more people, and offer more space, so they are naturally worth more.

One way to go about this would be to add extensions to your home. If there is no space on the property for this, you can split up a larger room into two small ones. In the majority of cases this is still a value-adding renovation.

Remodel the Kitchen or Bathroom

When potential buyers look at a house, the rooms they give the most consideration to are the kitchen and the bathroom. Buyers love open kitchens with appealing upgrades, such as newer cabinets, appliances, and countertops. Of course, a kitchen makeover is an expensive project, but it makes a home much more valuable and appealing to buyers.

Renovated bathrooms are also a major attraction. Modern buyers are on the look out for claw-foot tubs, jetted hot tubs, dual sinks and lots of storage space. Even better, however, is the fact that you also get to enjoy the upgrades to your bathroom until your resell your home. That makes sense, considering a lot of time each day is spent in the bathroom!

Redo the Heating and Plumbing System

Making heating and plumbing adjustments is not as fun as renovating a bathroom. However, these types of updates will add value to your home, prevent future issues and even increase the efficiency tremendously. The older a home is, the more important it is to update the HVAC and plumbing systems. Copper pipes are illegal in some areas, which means you might be eligible for a subsidy you can use to update your old plumbing.

Outdoor improvements such as adding a new roof, upgrading your gutters, replacing your windows or improving your home’s curb appeal can also add to the value of your home. Almost all home improvement projects add some value to the house, but those above add the most and return the most profit if the home is sold in the future. Whether you decide to build additional rooms, make adjustments to the plumbing, renovate your kitchen and any bathrooms on the property, or even make small changes, you will be able to improve the look of your while increasing its value.

Best of luck with any renovations!

Sash Window Furniture

When it comes to the draught-proofing and security benefits of sash windows, sash window furniture is the key to keeping them in good condition. As well as being attractive, sash windows also offer aesthetic value. To keep them in good condition, they need regular maintenance and a proper balance. To achieve this, the windows must have the right weights. Traditionally, weights and pulleys held the windows together. Today, fasteners, often including springs, are used. These simple mechanisms allow sash windows to open and close.

Although old sash windows may not be square, they should be maintained properly by installing stainless steel or exterior-grade adhesive. If they rattle, make sure the catches are working correctly. You should also pull the sashes together tightly. If the sashes are not fitted properly, route brush pile strips into the edges to reduce the rattling. Adding secondary glazing is also a good way to improve the performance of sash windows.

The sliding sash window is another common style of sash window. These windows can open both the top and bottom at the same time, creating a convection flow of air. This provides an airy feel to rooms, particularly during summer. The sliding sash windows also keep dust and debris out. You can even install an air conditioner if you prefer. And, you can clean them without the hassle of opening and closing windows, thanks to their tilting feature.

Sash windows are expensive to maintain and repair.  You should always get quotes from installers before making any decisions. But if you can’t afford to hire a professional, you can always opt for a replacement. There are also kits available on the market for this type of window. They are designed for the do-it-yourself homeowner.

Sash windows have undergone several changes over the centuries. Victorian sash windows were typically larger, with a two-over-two design. In contrast, the Edwardian style was much simpler, with just two rows of glass panes. And, sash windows can be either vertical or horizontal. And there are many styles to choose from, so you can find the one that suits your home the best. The choice of window frame is a personal choice, but you should know that there are many advantages to this style.

Modern sash windows are made out of aluminium, which is strong and able to support large panels of glass. They are more expensive than wooden sash windows, but aluminium frames offer better durability and security. Compared to wooden windows, uPVC and aluminium frames are eco-friendly. Moreover, they require less maintenance. The main advantage of uPVC is that it is recyclable. So, even if your sash windows aren’t in good condition, you can still enjoy their aesthetic value.

Sash windows are less common today, but they can still be found in older homes. Some homeowners get confused between these windows and other types of windows, but the truth is that these windows have several distinct features. They are typically made with movable panels (sashes), and have unique opening mechanisms. Their sashes open horizontally or vertically. Most sash windows don’t open inwards, but some modern designs are capable of tilting in and out.

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