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What You May Not Know About Wooden Sash Windows

Sash windows can be described as windows that are made up of a set of movable panels, known as sashes. If the window has a frame that holds all of the panes of glass together, it’s called a sash window. Often, there are narrow muntins which serve to separate the panes within the frame.

Sash windows come in various styles and types. Some have panels that open outwards, and others are made to open by sliding the panels either horizontally, or vertically. The sliding sash windows are also referred to as Yorkshire light sash windows.

The traditional American-style sash windows are designed with two sashes, one over the other, in a frame. These American-style sashes are opened and closed by sliding one of the panels up or down. Cleaning this type of sash window is easier than some other styles because it’s possible to remove or simply tilt the sashes. There is a wide variety of styles, shapes and configurations within the American-style sash.

The sash window goes back a long way in history, and originated in England in the 17th century. The Ham House is a good example of a building with sash windows. Although the invention of the sash window has not been confirmed, it’s usually credited to Robert Hooke.

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Sash windows are most popular in the architecture of Victorian and Georgian homes. The classic sash design is a set of six panels – three across, and two up. Having said that, designs available vary greatly to this classic original. Although a wooden sash window can be made to any size, the most standard width is about 4 feet.

The way a sash window works is, a counter-weight, often made from heavy steel, is attached to the opening panel, and is concealed within the window frame.

Although double glazed glass is can be used for sash windows, they are usually made with single glazed glass, and a soft wood. There are challenges that come with using soft wood, though. It is prone to swelling, distortion and rotting. If a sash window rattles, it’s usually a sign that the wood has shrunk.

The fact that sash window open by sliding, means they can present more problems than windows which open simply by pushing. The challenges that come with sash windows, in the way of maintenance, are more than worth it, for the beauty they add to a building.

A little-known fact about sash windows is that they are much more effective in cooling the interior of a building during hot weather, than other types of windows. The reason for this is the opening from the bottom and top. The cool air is allowed in through the bottom opening, while the warm air escapes through the top.

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Advances in the design of sash windows have resulted in a type of window that is sash, but without the problems of maintenance, rattling and wasting energy. This is the uPVC sash window. It looks just like the traditional sash, but is much easier to maintain, more durable, and energy efficient. This is the best option for those who like the traditional look of a sash window, but don’t want the traditional hassle of one.

Of course, before hiring a window manufacturer, you should always do some research. Get quotes and samples from three window companies, to compare, before making a decision. Don’t forget to check that the configurations and design you want, are available.

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