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Wooden Sash Windows- What You Need To Know

A sash window is a kind of window made of sashes or movable panels.  The way you can tell whether a window is a sash window or not is if there is a frame holding together several different panes of glass.  Frequently the panes are separated with narrow muntins.

Sash windows are available in several different types.  Some panels open to the outdoors.  Then there are others that slide horizontally or vertically.  Sliding sash windows are referred to as sliding cash, case, sash or Yorkshire light.

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Traditional American-style sash windows are another kind of sash window.  They have two sashes put one on top of the other inside a frame.  They are operated by sliding them up or down.  This kind of window has the advantage of being able to be remove or tilt the sashes when they need to be cleaned.  Within the sash window classifications there are many different configurations, models and shapes to choose from for your house.

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Sash windows were first installed in England during the 1670s.  Ham House is a famous example of a home that has sash windows.  Robert Hooke is credited with creating the sash window.  However, there isn’t any conclusive evidence that proves this was the case.

More recently sash windows are used in Victorian and Georgian homes.  Classic sash windows consist of two panes up and three panes across.  This gives homeowners six-over-six pane windows.  However, when it comes to installing sash windows this isn’t fixed by any means.  Standard sash windows, in terms of size, have a width of approximately four feet.  However, there isn’t a fixed rule to this.  A wooden sash can be fitted to nearly any size.

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In order for a sash window to be functional, a counterweight such as heavy steel is used to balance the panel.  It is concealed inside the window’s frame.

Usually sash windows are made with single glazed glass and soft wood.  However, double glazed glass sometimes is used instead.

Sash windows, in addition to their aesthetics, offer another significant advantage compared to regular windows.  In terms of cooling a home or building’s interior during the warm weather, they are more efficient.  This is due to the fact that a sash window opens at both the bottom and top.  The top opening of the window lets the warm air from the room escape.  The cool air coming from outside is let in through the bottom opening.

A new kind of sash window was recently released into the market.  They are called uPVC sash windows.  They are as attractive as a regular sash window is.  However, they do overcome many of the shortcomings that the older sash windows have such as needing regular maintenance and painting and energy inefficiency.

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How Much Do Sash Windows Cost?

If you are considering getting sash windows installed in your home, you might be wondering about the costs. The average price for wooden and aluminium sash windows is around £400-500 per window, but this will depend on a few factors, including the company that installs the windows and the materials used for the window frames. You should always compare quotes from different installers to ensure that you are getting a competitive price.

Typically, sash windows are vertically sliding windows that slide up and down within the frame. This feature is useful in buildings that have limited space for openings. Additionally, if you want a window with a horizontal opening style, you can choose a horizontally sliding type. If you decide to go with a vertical sliding sash window, it may be better for your home than a fixed one. But if you would rather have the vertical sliding option, you can still choose it if you want a classic, traditional look.

When deciding whether to go with a spring or a balance, make sure to understand how each mechanism works. For example, spring-loaded sashes are much easier to open than weight-loaded ones, and require no additional boxes on either side. Water-based spray-colour finishes are also the best option for sash windows because they allow the timber to breathe. In addition to colour choice, a primer coat is applied to the frames to provide additional protection. These primer coats contain tannin and knot inhibitors.

When choosing the materials used to install sash windows, it is important to consider the period of your home. Timber sash windows are more traditional and enduring, and are easy to repair if necessary. Fiberglass and uPVC look good on newer homes but don’t look authentic on period properties.

Once you know how to measure the width of your current windows, you need to know how deep your sash box needs to be. The depth of the sash box is equal to the width of the window and needs to match the depth of the recess. It must fit flush inside the wall and not stick out into the room. In period properties, this depth is around 145mm. You can get a guide to measuring the width of a new sash window by following a simple guide.

Double hung sash windows can cool your interiors perfectly. These windows are the best choice for hot climates, as they can open and close in equal measures, allowing warm air to escape and cooler air to come in. By choosing a double-hung sash, you will also be able to enjoy the aesthetic benefits of a double-hung sash window. The double-hung design is more functional than traditional sash windows, and it allows you to choose the type of window you want.

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