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Before installing a new set of sash windows, it is important to understand how to measure the existing frames of your existing windows. The width of a window frame is 100mm at the top. The height of the sash box must be equal to the depth of the opening. If the window is being replaced, the new sash box must fit into the existing recess. The height of the sash box must also be the same as the height of the wall behind it. This means that the sash box must fit flush with the inside wall and not protrude into the room. Typically, the depth of the sash reveal is between 145mm and 150mm in period properties.

If the window frame is damaged and needs to be replaced, the best option is timber. While uPVC and fiberglass may look great on new homes, they don’t have the authenticity of a period property. For information on proper methods of maintaining and improving period homes, visit Period Living, the UK’s best-selling period-style home magazine. Depending on the age and scale of your home, sash windows will have varying styles. Historically, the size and style of a window were dictated by the property’s wealth, status, and technology.

Another feature of sash windows is their ability to tilt in for easy cleaning. If the window is in a position to be opened and closed, the sash will tilt in, making it easier to get to the inside of the room. If you have children, this can be especially dangerous. Therefore, make sure you have a window lock in place, so that they don’t accidentally fall out. The Rose Collection also carries a wide selection of sash windows that are designed for children.

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The cost of a sash window is dependent on a number of factors. In addition to the age of the windows, the size and material will influence the price. If the original frame is old and inefficient, it might be better to have a new set of windows installed. These windows will not only help your home look beautiful, but they will also significantly reduce your energy bills. You can save money by getting a new set of sash windows and enjoy their classic charm.

Sash windows also need to be carefully chosen for the look of your property. Victorian sash windows would not look right in a Georgian property. To avoid this, you should find a reputable window restoration company that knows exactly what to choose. Make sure to check that the replacement double glazed windows have the same style as the original sash windows. The Chameleon window restoration company has expertise in restoring double hung sashes.

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Box sash windows are a traditional type of sash window. They are chunky and heavy and typically used for larger windows, though smaller windows may also be made of timber. As a result, timber box sash windows can be difficult to open due to worn sash cords. Today, many window manufacturers use spiral balances, which contain springs that allow them to operate more smoothly than before. Ultimately, these window manufacturers can provide authentic sash window designs while offering modern benefits.

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